Partner of British airport will compete in auction of Rio airport

Published on February 26, 2013, 11:37 am

Subsidiary of Grupo Ferrovial, Spanish, and shareholder’s Heathrow airport in London, the company Ferrovial Airports said on Monday (25) that wants to participate in the auction of concession of airports Confins, in Minas Gerais, and Galeao in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the company director, Jorge Gil, the intention is to create a partnership with another company to administer Brazilian airports.

Ferrovial Airports is one of the largest private companies in the business of managing airports worldwide. It’s industrial partner and first shareholder Heathrow Airports Holdings, which include Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton and Stansted.

According to Jorge Gil, Ferrovial Airports owns interests in Brazil and aims to modernize the airport system and the country offers great opportunities. The company believes that its ability to airport management can achieve more success than in the past, when they ran the first phase of the auction Cumbica.