Published on October 25, 2012, 3:30 pm

Infraero opens bidding for a Hotel on Santos Dumont Airport

Infraero published on Wednesday (24/10) bidding for the concession of use of area for the deployment and operation of hotel and business center in the Airport of Rio de Janeiro / Santos Dumont (RJ). The grant corresponds to an area of ​​4785 m² comprising the ancient buildings of Varig and VASP, which, respectively, will host the hotel and business center. The auction also includes an area of ​​8432 m² unbuilt, plus a counter for reservations located in the passenger terminal at Santos Dumont, totaling an area of ​​13,223 m². The opening date of the exhibition is scheduled for 8/1 2013.

The contract includes activities hotel, classified as four star category, full service breakfast included in the room rate, room service and laundry 24 hours, the hotel shuttle to the airport, free wireless internet and other facilities. The venture will also offer additional activities such as convenience store / jewelry, shop and travel agency rates. Already the business center will operate seven days a week and will feature bilingual receptionists, printing services, copying, scanning, binding and laminating documents, translation services for major commercial languages, concierge, desktop publishing, video and teleconferencing, reserves taxi, car, plane tickets, hotel, cafeteria, restaurant, stationery, convenience store, among others.

The price offered for the monthly minimum bid can not be less than £ 764,100. The term of the contract is 25 years counted from the signing of the Order of Service, and the amortization period of investments will be a maximum of 16 years without extension.

“With this initiative, Infraero combines two aspects of Rio de Janeiro: one as a major tourist destination in the country and one of the most representative business centers of the country,” said the commercial director Infraero, Geraldo Moreira Neves.

Fonte: Infraero