500,000 people will pass through airports of Rio to see the Pope

Published on June 11, 2013, 11:29 am

According to calculations published by Wellington Moreira Franco, Minister of Civil Aviation, about 500,000 people will pass through the airports of Rio de Janeiro for sanctioning the passage of the Pope by the Brazilian city.

The World Youth Day (WYD), reason for the visit of the Argentine Pope, will be held between 22 and 28 July. The event is expected to attract nearly three million people.

The minister assumed that the event will be a logistical challenge for the authorities in Rio, since the Tom Jobim International Airport is still in the works for the World Cup 2014.

Also according to Moreira Franco, there is a great effort for most of these works will be completed soon and may be offered a good service to tourists who come to Catholic event. Some of these works are to increase the number of bathrooms, improve the escalators and baggage collection area.