Brazil is ranked No. 51 in ranking of world tourism

Published on April 11, 2013, 11:25 am

The Top Global Travel and Tourism of World Economic Forum is the capacity of each country to be competitive in the global tourism. According a study by the Economic Forum, Brazil occupies the 51st position among 140 countries.

The list is led by Switzerland, just ahead of Germany and Austria. In the last positions is Burundi, Chad and Haiti.
Brazil is the best placed seventh country in the Americas and climbed one position, reaching the note 4.37.

The study also ranked the country as the first set due to natural resources and 23 for cultural resources. The improvement in Brazilian placement also indicates an advance against violence that the country has achieved.

Between the problems cited by the survey, are the lack of transport infrastructure and lack of investment in the tourism sector. Regarding the prices of tourism and living costs, Brazil is at 126 º about the competitiveness of their prices.