Fixed values ​​of airport taxi leave up to 45% more expensive

Published on November 5, 2012, 11:45 am

The taxi rides can go up to 45% more expensive with the prices charged for new tables for passengers from Santos Dumont airport. The common taximeter fare, which would around R$ 20.00 to Copacabana, is leaving for R$ 29.50. Apart from Santos Dumont’s fixed rates for taxis at Tom Jobim International Airport in New River Road, at Pier Maua in major hotels and the waterfront.

At the airport Santos Dumont is worth the price since March this year and divides opinion.

For some people, it is absurd to pay a rate that sometimes ends up being bigger than the taximeter fare. However, some people prefer a value already set to not run the risk of being scammed by dishonest taxi drivers.

According to the City Department of Transportation, the rate was designed to inhibit the action of these taxi drivers and to assist tourists who are not used to walking taxi in Rio de Janeiro.

There is also the option of paying the fare table or the price of the taximeter. However, this measure is little known and some taxi drivers insist that the price of the table is required.

Newsroom, with O Globo informations