Localization of the station in Cumbica enter into discussion

Published on November 30, 2012, 12:37 pm

Gustavo Rocha da Silva Nunes, president of Invepar, said it is still in discussion with the state government the best location for the construction of a railway line between the city of São Paulo and Cumbica Airport, in Guarulhos.

Regardless of the site chosen, should have easy connection to the airport, according to Gustavo Rocha. The project also provides a vehicle on rails to serve the airport itself.

The statements of the president of Invepar were given after a lecture on the morning of Wednesday (28) in the event “Financing for Development”, Series Forums Estadão Competitive Brazil.

The company is now aware of the chances of new investments in the country, but there is no intention to enter the segment railroads. The Invepar still have the expectation that these measures leave the area even more competitive and bring good investment opportunities.

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