BRT Transportation to Galeão Airport

BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) is a faster option for Galeao Airport, as the buses move through exclusive lanes in Rio de Janeiro.

There are two BRT lines options to reach the airport: the TransCarioca line with stops, passing through 47 stations and 5 terminals along the way, and TransCarioca Express, which departs from Terminal Alvorada, with stops on the Fundão Terminal, Vicente de Carvalho Station (integration with the subway) and Madureira.

In Galeao Airport there are two stations serving passengers:

  • Galeão – Tom Jobim 1: located in the Terminal 1 arrivals – H door
  • Galeão – Tom Jobim 2: located in the Terminal 2 arrivals – D door

Check below the map of the BRT stations in Rio de Janeiro.

BRT Station Map

BRT Station Map